The path of humanity

The English version of Henk Diepenmaat's magnus opus: ''The path of humanity: societal innovation for the world of tomorrow'' has been published on paper and as an e-pub as of late summer 2018. This page presents a general introduction, after which it zooms in on some of the amazing entropic and numerical backgrounds of the book, which are elaborated for aficionados.

The following documents are available for downloading.

A general introduction:

The next 3 documents follow the book and dive into the heart of the numerical matter. Please read the interview (1) first.

  1. An interview with Henk Diepenmaat that introduces his approach towards societal development and the prime number basis of the path of humanity, in which he asks the help from mathematicians and physicists
  2. A presentation on the Relations between societal innovation and number theory: ''Dicey proofs of the Riemann hypothesis''
  3. A paper: ''A dicey proof of the Riemann hypothesis inspired by societal innovation''